Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology (Poland)

The aims of the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology are to improve health care in the field of psychiatry and neurology and to conduct research in these and allied fields. Research methods range from molecular level to psychological and epidemiological approaches. The Department of Studies on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (DSADD), in particular, has long experience in alcohol and drug research, including international comparative studies while the Department of Public Health specializes in substance use among adolescents, including epidemiological studies as well as implementation and evaluation of preventive initiatives. The Institute carried out a number of studies focused on drug consumers in prison setting as well as on NPS such as EU-funded ReDNet project. The Institute is a leading Polish centre for alcohol and drug policy, its scientists are often invited as experts to advice Parliamentary commissions and governmental agencies on alcohol and drugs as well as international bodies such as WHO, EMCDDA, European Commission, Council of Europe. The Institute has a fully-fledged infrastructure to carry on the proposed work, including advanced computer network and statistical packages such as IBM/SPSS and ATLAS. The Institute have already collaborated with Middlesex University on a number of occasions including EU funded SMART, AMPHORA and ALICE RAP projects. Key project staff: Dr. Jacek Moskalewicz, Head of the Department of Studies on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence; Dr. Katarzyna Dabrowska, Assistant Professor; Agnieszka Pisarska, Assistant Professor in Public Health.