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Background material

Europæisk narkotika-rapport 2017: Europæisk narkotika-rapport 2017

Relevante love og statistikker:

    • Health Legislation: (Da.: Sundhedsloven) is the legal framework for working with prevention and health promotion in the municipalities, including the planning of prevention and health promotion towards children and young people. It is also the legal framework for opioid assisted treatment.
    • Law on Social Services (Da.: Serviceloven). Is the legal framework that obligates the municipalities to offer free, anonymous counseling to children, young people and parents in relation to drug use; to counsel young people over 18 years in relation to drug use; to offer drug free treatment to all drug users with a treatment guarantee.
    • Law on Legal Rights (Da.: Retssikkerhedsloven). Is the legal framework that secures that the municipalities offer the help and support laid out in the Law on Social Services.
    • Act on Excecution of Sentences (Da.: Lov om Straffuldbyrdelse). Is the legal framework that secures a treatment guarantee for inmates to drug free treatment.