Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) is one of the major Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. The degree programmes have a strong focus on application and transfer of acquired knowledge into professional practice. Research also has a strong orientation towards the application and transfer of technology/knowledge into industrial and societal practice. Research at Frankfurt UAS is funded by the State of Hessen, the federal level, the European Union, foundations as well as profit/non-profit organisations. Though not exclusively, an emphasis of third party funded projects is placed on collaborations with small and medium enterprises (SME). Objectives of the Institute of Addiction Research Frankfurt (ISFF) are establishing addictions research, establishing collaboration with other national and international research institutes and networks, dissemination of research findings into teaching at Frankfurt UAS as well as to a wider public. Main research areas are drug consumption patterns, drug problems and social consequences, gender and drug users, harm reduction measures in prisons and in the CJS, treatment and rehabilitation. Key project staff: Professor Heino Stöver; Niels Graf, Social Scientist; Christina Padberg, Social Worker; Daniela Schulz, Social Worker