Jean-Paul Grund

Addiction Research Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands

CVO is an independent non-profit organisation for research, training and consultancy, emanated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University. CVO’s mission statement is to collect and disseminate scientific knowledge about people on the margins of society, aiming to contribute to improvement of their social position and health. CVO’s research, education, training and consultancy activities are founded on two important assumptions.

  • The importance of the interaction between drug, set and setting: Problematic drug use is not exclusively the result of the drug, but of the interaction.
  • A reflection of the first assumption in both our qualitative and quantitative research projects we prioritise an environmental approach to data collection. Where possible we sample, interview or observe people in their natural environment, often literally by standing between them. This approach results in a better understanding of the respondents, their drug taking within the context of their day to day life. Our hope is that such a comprehensive understanding contributes to a more effective treatment and prevention.