Eclectica (Italy)

Founded in 1998, Eclectica focuses on health-related research, training and initiatives together with other public and private organizations. Eclectica brings together sociologists, trainers and professional educators with extensive expertise. The research group has been engaged in international, national and local scientific studies that combine traditional and innovative methods. The team is organized in two units: the research unit and the training and communication unit. Eclectica is a primary point of reference for research on alcohol and drugs and NPS (consumption, market changes, effectiveness of service responses, effectiveness of drug control policies, prevention programs). The training unit develops and manages educational programs for health promotion and prevention health professionals. It has coordinated many national training programmes on topics related to psychoactive substances and risk behaviours. Key project staff: Dr. Franca Beccaria, Head of Eclectica; Dr Sara Rolando, whose doctoral thesis was on youth drinking cultures in different geographies; Dr. Alice Scavarda, with research interests in health, disability and dependency.